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Yucatan Archaeology & History

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Shared Tour Ages 5+

Maya Archaeological Tour

Enjoy a fantastic journey through the cradle of one of the most enigmatic civilizations in the world: the Yucatan Peninsula.

This trip is ideal for history and archaeology lovers. Thanks to our expert guides, you will have a true understanding of the history of the Maya culture by visiting world famous archaeological sites such as Calakmul and Chichen Itza, and other less famous, but equally impressive archaeological sites.

Our guides – all experts in their field and with higher studies in their specialty – will give you true information not only about the archaeological sites, but also about the customs and beliefs of the ancient Maya culture.

You can have a vision of the ancient world and its transition to the modern world by visiting beautiful colonial cities in Campeche, with its baroque style that will give you a total perspective on the different stages of life on the Peninsula.

This trip is a jewel for true history lovers!