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About Us

Ecotourism in the Mayan World

EcoColors is a sustainable tour operator located in Cancun, Mexico and was founded in January 1997. The company gets its name from the array of colors nature displays in the forests, meadows, lagoons, and seas of tropical America. EcoColors designs and delivers ecotours in the “Mayan World”, both biologically and culturally one of the richest regions of the world. We offer a wide variety of itineraries of 1, 3, 7 or even more days which incorporate outstanding natural, cultural and adventure in the Riviera Maya and other parts of Mexico. Further, some tours are also operated in other parts of Central America such as Belize, Guatemala and even in Cuba. Our special strength is providing responsible travel in which you are able to see turtles, dolphins, whale sharks, flamingos, and much other great wildlife in their natural environment, along with artifacts from the ancient cultures and traditions of Mexico.


In order to protect the ecosystems, EcoColors works together with multiple research organizations such as the WWF, Ecotourism Society, SEMARNAT, the Smithsonian School, Environmental Studies in Minnesota and the Adventure Travel Association to optimize our knowledge and provide the best protection.


Offer innovative and exclusive products in Ecotourism, Adventure tourism, and Environmental training through quality, warmth, and education; overcome the expectations of our clients, contributing to the environmental preservation and growth of human value (March 2012).


We raise awareness of the importance of the ecosystems in Mexico by educating its traveler’s about the nature and the history of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Responsible Travel

In order to not exceed the biological carrying capacity on the ecosystems EcoColors only takes small groups of people into the natural areas.

Responsible Travel Policy