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Nature & Adventure Tours

in Mexico

From $2,295

Discover the Beauty of Butterflies

An amazing natural experience: the Monarch Butterfly Migration! Every fall, after a long journey of 4,200 k,Monarch butterfly arrives in Mexico to spend winter.These impressive travelers hibernate in the limits of Michoacan and State of Mexico,in the mountains of the Neovolcanic Axis,covered by forests of fir.

When you’re in Mexico, you want to see beautiful places and do unforgettable activities. Swim with marine turtles, snorkel next to the wonderful whale sharks and visit the Sia Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. Enjoy a Whale Shark tour in Cancun,  a Monarch Butterfly tour, the best beaches in Mexico, ride an ATV in the Maya jungle and snorkel in a cenote. Book your tour online today.