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Yucatan Bike Tour 11 Days

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Couple Travelers Ages 15+
Solo Traveler Ages 15+

Bike through the Mayan World!

Bike through the Mayan World!

The Yucatan Peninsula Stretches from the Caribbean to the Gulf of Mexico.  Our route begins in bustling Cancun, then explores  the Peninsula, as we discover the fascinating story of the Maya via archaeological and historic sites, from Mayan Temples and 16th Century Spanish Churches, to thatched villages and Bio Reserves.

Travelling by bicycle, we will encounter both natural and man-made wonders, penetrating the jungle to view archeological sites hidden in Mexico´s  second largest federal park, the 1.8 million acre Sian kaán Biosphere Reserve. We will marvel at the amazing architectural and engineering skills of the ancients manifest in once great Mayan city states: Tulum, Coba, and Chichen Itza.  We can Kayak or Snorkel the Maya reef, the world´s second longest coral reef, and cool off in the transparent waters of the cenotes, nature´s perfect swimming pools, blue holes in the peninsula´s limestone crust fed by springs and underground rivers.

Throughout our trip, we will meet the friendly smiling locals of the Yucatan, stay in three and four star hotels and inns and enjoy local delicious Yucatean cuisine – orange marinated pork baked in banana leaves, fresh octopus, chicken & lime soup.  Our ride ends in Tulum, a short transfer from Cancun, where we can bid a fond farewell, to enjoy the beaches, or perhaps explore further in the fascinating region.

Each leg of our bike tour will reveal a beautiful place in the rich and unique Yucatan Peninsula.