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Caves & Rappeling Tour

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Underground Exploration in the World’s Cenote Capital!

This tour is perfect for adventure and culture lovers! We will take you to a cenote, where you will explore the cenote in an active way. You will have the opportunity to explore a great cave as well!!.

The cenotes where used a lot by the maya community. Thus, we can say that this place has a rich history: the naturalist guide will tell you everything about it! They know all the ins and outs of the cenotes and what role it played in the maya community. Besides all the adventure, you will learn a lot about the Maya too! So, this tour is very educational as well!

Later, enjoy a thrilling activity as you rappel into a cenote. This gives you the right adrenaline kick you need! So, show your adventurous side and unwrap your skills. Take your time to enjoy the alluring cenote, swim and relax!