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Whale Sharks Cancun Tour

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Shared Tour Ages 8+ - Price in USD
Child Ages 5-7 - Price in USD
Private Tour For 1 - 2 people Price in USD
Private Tour For 3 - 4 people Price in USD
Private Tour For 5 - 6 people Price in USD
Private Tour For 7 - 8 people Price in USD
Private Tour For 9 - 10 people Price in USD

Enjoy Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mexico

The whale sharks are an endangered species because they are still fished in developing countries. Fortunately, the whale sharks in Mexico are safe and we can admire them during our whale shark tour.

The average whale sharks are about eight meters but can grow up to 15 meters long. The appearance of the whale shark is identical, the animal has a wide flat head and has up to 3,000 mini teeth. The animal has a dark gray color with large white dots on the back. The dots and stripes on the animal are as unique as our fingerprint – isn’t that amazing? They often swim just below the water level and seem to prefer water that has a surface temperature between 21 and 25 degrees with an upward flow of colder water, of about 17 degrees. Compared to other sharks, they swim very slowly, no faster than about 5 km per hour. This allows us to swim together with this beautiful animal, whale sharks are very calm and not dangerous. Our guides can take you to this beautiful underwater world and guide you in this adventure.

After this swimming with whale sharks tour, you will be able to reminisce close to the coast of Isla Mujeres at Playa Norte. Here are the most beautiful beaches and all kinds of colors of water. Here you will enjoy some good food and you have the time to swim and snorkel asswell! Let yourself be taken on this wonderful adventure and enjoy the Ecotourism in Cancun.


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*$20 per person additional charge for transportation if coming from Tulum or Riviera Maya


Dock fee and environmental tax $ 20 USD

*The dock fee and environmental tax are paid per person in cash on the day of the tour, 5% of the total goes to educational and support programs for children and youth of Isla Mujeres.


Whale Shark ‘No Sighting’ Guarantee 

Unfortunately, we can never 100% guarantee a wildlife sighting. But we can guarantee to do everything we can on the day to maximise your chances of swimming with a whale shark.