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Ecotourism in Cancun and the Mayan world

We’re glad to share with you that every year, our general director gives a webinar about the attractions to go to the Yucatan Peninsula, such as ecotourism in the Mayan world, ecosystems in the Maya area, its infrastructure and the adventure you can get here.

He will also give you some information sustainable tourism, sustainability in Quintana Roo, the protected areas that we have and some conservations projects.

After this he will talk a little bit about the company, like the lectures our guides provide when you go on a tour with us, our mission and vision, our different kind of tours and our contribution to the nature.

If you’re interested in sustainable tourism, the Yucatan Peninsula, EcoColors or all of them you could join the webinar on Thursday at 2:00 pm ET by using this link:

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