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5 reason why a bike trip is the perfect option

The most common problem that we all face when we go on vacation is that there is just never enough time to visit all the places we want. We are always depended on our bus schedule and often end up in a big traffic jam which completely changes our plans. But what if there is an alternative? Say yes to a different tour – a bike tour.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose a bike trip:

You are the boss

Yes, that’s right – its all up to you. You are completely flexible where you want to stop, where you want to go and find the places to take memorable pictures with your friends.

You see more

When you bike you see way more than if you just walk or drive. You enjoy the breeze in your hair and feel somehow happy and free – just like a kid. On top of that you can travel through a whole region and explore more than just one city. It is totally worth the try.

You stay fit                      

When we go on vacation we usually enjoy the local cuisine and when we go home we realize that we have gained a few kilos. Well, not a problem here – you eat more due to the energy you use but you also burn all the calories. What is not to like about this?


Nowadays our society is facing so many environmental problems and we still struggle how to deal with them. It’s a small step to take a bike tour, but it is a step in the right direction. It is just you, your bike and nature.

Its simply fun

I don’t need to say many words here – it is simply pure joy. Its freedom, its cool, its fun – it’s the adventure that you want to try!

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