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5 incredible things to do in Cancun

1/ Chichen Itza

You could enjoy one of the 7 new world wonders, Chichen Itza is one of the most important archeological areas of the peninsula of Yucatán. This former capital of the empire Maya, of a 300-hectare surface where we can admire the pyramid of Kukulcan of two cenotes what a real gold mine for this region was deprived of water in that time. The site of Chichen Itza also has an observatory, which faces the great pyramid and allowed the Mayas to study the movement of the stars a very precise knowledge of which they had.


2/ Cenotes

Cenotes are abysses or wells, in a karstic environment, totally were partially filled with a superficial coat of freshwater and sometimes with a lower coat of seawater if they inform with the ocean that we find essentially in North America and power plant, and more particularly in the peninsula of Yucatán.



3/ Whale Shark

From May till September, visit the wonderful coast of Yucatán near Contoy Island, an unforgettable day when you can observe the impressive shark-whale, the biggest fish in the world. You can moreover swim with the whale sharks an incredible experience which will mark you for life.

Indeed you can swim with the whale sharks because they are divested of aggressiveness, this shark is perfectly harmless for the man.

The only member of Rhincodon and the only current sort of the family of Rhincodontidae. Which could exceptionally reach 20 meters long, for a mass of 34 tons, this shark is considered as the biggest fish living at present on Earth.


4/ Sian Ka’an

Discover the reserve biosphere of Sian Ka’an the year, one of the most important protected places of the peninsula of Yucatán, and who is registered since 1987 on the list of the world heritage. Learn more about the history of Maya by visiting the temple Muyil.

The reserve Sian Ka’an the year includes swamps, mangrove swamps, and a rain forest with fauna and incredible flora. The park of Sian Ka’an the year counts more than 500 000 hectares where we can find more than 300 species of birds.

Made a long walk in the forest until arriving in Muyil, in a temple impressive Maya.


5/ Bird watching

Observe at the heart of the jungle Maya a very wide variety of birds. Birds migrant can be twice seen a year before flying away towards other regions. The peninsula of Yucatán with its 548 sorts of birds is an only zone and one of the most visited by the observers of birds! Approximately 80 various sorts of birds can be identified every day. You can find birds as the tinamou Canelle, the hocco Big, the black-throated hake, the yellow-headed buzzard, the buzzard échât, the decorated Eagle, the Carnifex Barré, the Red groan, the red-necked groan, the parrot of Yucatán, the nightjar of Yucatán, the Peak of Yucatán, the jay of Yucatán, Tétéma cock of wood, orange oriole and many of the others!

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