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Bird Watching Tour

If you have never done bird watching, or as some people call it: birding, before, there are some things you have to know about this activity. Pack your things, don’t forget a binocular, we go birding!

First of all, if you wish to identify a bird, don’t grasp your identification book too quickly; the bird might get away in that period of time. Always observe first, and try to keep in mind as much as possible. When you are looking at birds, observe carefully their color, their size, the shape and wing and head markings. Also, pay attention to the sounds they make. Nevertheless, you should have studied your bird guide before you go birding for the first time it is always easier to identify something that seems familiar.

Moreover, you should look at some bird watching websites and blogs in the internet before you go birding for the first time. There you can find a lot of explanations, pictures and even bird sounds.


Take as many walks as possible. This is the perfect way to get accustomed to hearing the different species and learning to notice them. Learn the differences at different day times and different seasons during the year.

Last but not least, when picking out your binoculars, there are some things you should focus on. The binocular should feel good in your hands, be waterproof, focus easily, have at least 8 x magnifications and 30 to 42mm front lens.

With this information, you should be prepared to enjoy your first bird watching adventure!

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