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Did you hear about the Whale Shark Tour?

The first day I arrived at Ecocolors Tours to begin my 4-month intersnhips, everyone told me about a certain “Whale Shark Tour”. What was that? Soon I understood it was THE tour, the one that has made Ecocolors’s reputation. Pioneers of the Whale Shark Tour in Cancun, Ecocolors has now 14 years of experience swimming with them. This tour gives you the amazing opportunity to meet the whale shark, which are the largest fishes in the sea. For protecting this amazing creature, EcoColors Tours has a protocol that says no touching of the whale shark, not disturbing it and keeping a distance of 2 meters at least. Not because it is dangerous, the whale shark is completely harmless, but because we want to take care of our planet and the wonderful animals we are rich of.


This snorkeling tour takes you into the water to swim next to the whale shark, taking pictures with it and creating an incredible experience that you will remember for the rest of your life! As these stunning animals only come near the cost of Cancun from may to september, which is now, EcoColors is working hard to do everything to deliver a great tour, as they are proud to show everyone the beautiful whale shark. I am pretty excited myself, a big season has started, the Whale Shark Tour is now available! I really look forward to see them, what an adventure it must be! Swimming along with a gigantic and harmless shark is a once in a lifetime experience for sure!

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