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5 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Business

How can you stay prosperous and environment-friendly?

Over the last several decades, we’ve seen how movements towards sustainability have grown in popularity. And we are not just talking about people who are concerned about the environmental impact of their actions.

We are also talking about businesses that are exerting their effort to be carbon-neutral. This includes professional home and office cleaners.

If you want to start your cleaning business without adding damage to the environment, here are five tips to keep in mind:


Have Sufficient Capital

Whether it is your cleaning business or not, it is common to ask how much you will need to start a business.

Starting a cleaning business will require some money, but it can be less expensive than you think. That’s because you can start by doing the cleaning tasks yourself initially.

We also suggest that you buy your cleaning supplies in bulk. Doing so allows you to save more money. Plus, cleaning supplies lasts long, so there is no need to worry about expiration.

That said, it would be best to compare manufacturing prices for your cleaning supplies.


Buy Green Cleaning Supplies

Since we are talking about starting an environment-friendly cleaning business, it would make sense to stock up on green cleaning supplies.

According to the professional cleaners at Planet Maids Cleaning Services NYC, you should opt for eco-friendly all-purpose cleaners and reusable equipment. Doing so ensures that you are only sending your client’s trash to the landfill.

Moreover, natural cleaning agents tend to be kid and pet-friendly. This means that you can ensure your client’s safety, helping you expand your target market.

Just keep in mind that it is possible to cross-contaminate various clients’ homes. Thus, identify your cleaning and sanitation process first before determining what cleaning supplies you should buy.

If you hire cleaning staff, do not forget to train them about your process.


Get Registered

As with any venture, it would be best to get your cleaning business register. For one, it prevents other businesses from using your preferred business name.

Registering your business also allows you to reduce your liability as an individual. Instead, you put your company assets on the line.

But of course, this will depend on the type of business registry you would like to apply for. There is a sole proprietorship and limited liability corporation (LLC).

The requirements and fees will also vary depending on your state law and other local conditions. You may also need to apply for a Doing Business As (DBA) license if you want to use your cleaning company’s brand name.


Promote Your Cleaning Company

Here’s the thing: You cannot find a client for your cleaning company if they do not know that your business exists. This is where marketing and promotion come in.

We suggest that you set up a website for your business and implement robust search engine optimization tactics. That way, potential clients can find you online.

Another tip is to leverage social media. These platforms allow you to engage with your potential customers, and these can also serve as another customer support line.

If you are overwhelmed about running your cleaning company and promoting it, you can use helpful digital marketing tools. Doing so can help you automate your marketing processes.

But if you have the budget, you can opt to hire a digital marketing team to help promote your business.


Leverage Cleaning Software

Aside from using digital marketing tools, you can also take advantage of various cleaning software.

There are cleaning apps that can help you organize your cleaning tasks. You can also use apps and tools to handle your schedule, file your business permits, pay your taxes, and more.

Simply put, these apps and tools allow you to manage your cleaning company with ease.

So, do not be hesitant to automate some of your processes. Instead of letting mundane things consume your energy, it would be best to spend your time and effort making your business grow.

That’s because it allows you to cater to more clients and provide jobs and livelihood to more employees. Plus, it will enable you to spread the word about sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning to a bigger audience.


Why Start a Green Cleaning Business?

Here’s the thing: We know that starting any business can be challenging. More so if you want to be environment-friendly.

Be that as it may, starting a green cleaning business comes with the following advantages:

  • Compared to other companies, a cleaning business is relatively easy to establish.
  • It has minimal startup costs.
  • Identifying your target customers can be straightforward.
  • Green cleaning can be an add-on service.
  • You are ensuring your client’s health and safety, thanks to environment-friendly cleaning products.

Moreover, your business can be a great platform to spread the word about sustainable cleaning.

If you love Mother Earth and have a knack for cleaning, why not start a green cleaning business today?


Written by: Geraldine Mills.

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