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Did you know the sailfish is the fastest fish in the world?

The most remarkable thing about the sailfish is their large dorsal fin that stretches almost twice time the full length of their bodies. With this the sailfish can swim very fast and can use it as a break. The sailfish are very famous because they are the fastest swimmer in the ocean: these fish reach up to 68 miles per hour. Another remarkable sign is their long nose. When they hunt, they make a circle with a high speed around the shoal and then they dive into the middle. Afterwards they eat the fish. Besides the sailfish is very valuable. In Japan for example they make sashimi and sushi with it.


Sailfish are saltwater fish occupying in warm and temperate ocean waters. There are two main subspecies: the Atlantic and the Indo-Pacific sailfish. These fish prefer waters ranging from 70 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit and usually stick relatively close to the surface of the water.


Sailfish have a mixture in color from dark blue to gray, with a silver or white underbelly. As a type of billfish, sailfish have a lengthen upper jaw that’s approximately twice as long as the lower jaw, forming a spear. Their dorsal fins resemble sails not only because they run almost the full length of their bodies, but also because their height is considerably greater than the thickness of their bodies. Fins are typically a blackish-blue color. Indo-Pacific sailfish can reach 11 feet in length and weigh more than 220 pounds. Atlantic sailfish are smaller, typically around 6 feet long but topping out at 10 feet long and about 128 pounds.


During the summer months the sailfish are active in spawning but it begins in April. The females swim very slowly with their dorsal fins sticking up above the surface of the water. The spawning occurs close to land. When a female is spawning, she can release over 4 million eggs. When the larvae hatch, they are about 0.125 inches long. The sailfish grow within a year about 4 to 5 feet long.

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