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Cancún, a wonder of nature…

EcoColors Tours, will be happy to support you!

One day, a man said that repetition is the root of learning. This a very nice and philosophical phrase but most of the time, when the heart is not involved in the process, the results are far from what we expect.

What would you think if we show a fun and different way to learn the basics of a language and simultaneously see the wonders of regions as Yucatán and Quintana Roo part of activities such as snorkeling, swimming sea turtles and whale sharks? Sounds good?

Well that’s possible with EcoColors, who gave me the opportunity to join their team during my internship, grow in my field of study and improve my skills in other languages, such as Spanish or English.

As for me, I come from France and I’m ready for a new adventure with this wonderful company, learn more about respecting the environment and above all, enjoy a comprehensive learning which I will surely remember forever.

So probably if you want to be a great professional, you should come and do your interships here, you will experience an amazing opportunity.

At the end of the day, what is the reason to learn if we do not allow us to enjoy each of our experiences? In this case, the wonders that Cancun and EcoColors tours offer and of course, the unforgettable friends that I will make along the way.

Anyways, I’m ready to enjoy the colors of life and nature with my EcoPartners!

You must have heard many times about México in many ways and mainly for its culinary heritage and its beautiful landscape and panorama.

Well let me start this blog by telling you that I am not going to reinvent the wonders of the landscape and beaches of México.

However, I am pretty sure you have heard one day that it’s one thing to hear a story and another to experiment it.

Well, I have been close the Mexican beaches for two weeks, watching these wonders from far away, a month ago when I was still in France I was even watching them from Google pictures.

Yesterday what happened is that I experimented it, I went to Playa Delfines which is an amazing beach, beautiful, windy, with warm water and soft white sand. The color of the water made a perfect picture. The best moment however, was not when I was swimming, or contemplating the magnificent panorama, surprisingly as it can be one thing has got me hook while as i was leaving the beach.

A big add close to the gates which are next to the entrance of the beach, with the following message:

“This is YOURS, take care of it because it’s all YOU have”

I was amazed how powerful and simple this message was, because I felt concerned at the highest point, like I could really have an impact and make a change because it was clearly mentioning that this is OURS.

It’s one thing to have a treasure, an empire, and it’s another one to keep it.

Still having doubts? Ask Bonaparte, Alexander Le GRAND, they had empires they and lost it.

The Mexican heritage is our treasure, empire, local, tourists, foreigners and the only way to show it our appreciation is to take care of it, and because taking care of it is keeping it alive.

Be responsible, support and preserve the nature and the heritage with the sustainable development and everyday eco-friendly habits.

Enjoy your day!


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