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The sun and your holidays

As you know, we should be pretty careful when it comes about the sun and our holidays. Our normal routine probably involves some lotion and in the best cases some solar protection, but let’s face it! We don’t really protect our skin.

In order to have an incredible getaway we want to give you some advices about the sun and your holidays:

Plenty of water:
As long as you stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids apart from what you drink with your meals, you can try with carrot juice (which gives you vitamins A, K, E, potassium, folate, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc), cranberry juice (it has tons of anti-ox) and vegetables like tomatoes (that contains vitamin c and potassium)

All this will help your skin to look amazing and don’t forget that you need to drink at least 2 liters of water daily apart from the beverages you take with your meals or the juices you like the most!

Skin preparation:
Keep your skin nourished with your favorite lotion and a good exfoliation once a month.

Take off all the dead skin and let it glows, keep it healthy by applying the right products and wear sunscreen, and please don’t try to get an amazing tan in one shot, your skin will be burned and you will have a really bad time during your trip, also avoid the sun tanning lotions those have a very low SPF to protect your skin from aging and skin cancer.

One trick that we learned through the years is to apply sunscreen the night before you go the beach or any open spaces activity, that way your skin will absorbs all the sunscreen benefits and in the morning, around 30 minutes before going out apply again generously the sun block lotion and you will see the difference: You will have a nice tan, with no pain and no risks, or at least, less risks than wearing sun tan lotions or a bad application of your sunscreen.

After sun:
Take a refreshing shower or bath and never too hot, clean your skin gently with mild soap (do not exfoliate or rub hard after sun) dry with a towel with gentile pats and apply tons of your favorite skin lotion.

We always recommend to apply after sun lotions and vitamin E gel with aloe to keep your soft skin and avoid peeling.

Keep your skin hydrated drinking plenty of water and wearing a good lotion, repeat all the process as needed.

We really wish you an awesome holiday with your beloved ones, take care of your skin and enjoy the sun! Don’t suffer it!

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