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Chichen Itza: Exploring the Newest Wonder Of The World

If you are looking for a fun-filled weekend down south, the Maya ruins of Chichen Itza- the newest wonder of the world- should definitely be on your bucket list. This awe-inspiring historical treasure is among the most visited archaeological sites in Central America. It is now fondly referred to as the crown jewel of the Yucatan Peninsula; the embodiment of the ancient Maya culture. You will be awed by the ruins’ priceless trove of architectural marvels as you immerse yourself into the rich and mysterious history of Chichen Itza.   Driving to Chichen Itza for a Day Trip Chichen Itza is easily accessible from Playa Del Carmen by taxi or shared minibusses, but it is safer to rent a car instead, especially due to the pandemic. Driving yourself also gives you the freedom to explore a little off the beaten…