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Fun facts about the Monarch Butterfly

Have you ever seen the most beautiful butterfly ever? No? Well, you have to! The Monarch Butterfly are considered as the king of the butterflies. There are some fun facts about this wonderful butterfly and here we will explain that to you.


  1. Did you know that the Monarch Butterflies goes to through four generations in one year! The monarch butterfly life cycle is namely the egg, the larvae, the pupa and eventually the adult butterfly. These four generations are actually four different butterflies and every year it is time to start over again with stage one and generation one.
  2. The Monarch butterfly does not have any lungs. Breathing will take place through tiny vents in the thorax or abdomen (that is called spiracles).
  3. The Monarch butterfly can lay about a maximum of 250 eggs per day! What really astonishing is, that the highest number of eggs laid by a monarch butterfly is 1179. That is a lot!
  4. The orange color of the butterfly┬┤s wings is a warning sign for other animals that the butterfly will taste bad or may be toxic. Monarchs become toxic to birds by feeding on milkweed plants.

As you can see, the Monarch Butterfly is a special eye-catcher! In Mexico you can see this beautiful butterfly mostly in the beginning of the year. Monarchs can be found in open habitats such as fields, and roadsides.

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