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Facts About Monarch Butterfly Migration

Do Monarch Butterflies hibernate?

When we talk about nature in North America, we think about three different countries with three different kind of fauna, with the USA sharing some species with Canada and some species with Mexico but we share one mutual butterfly species who make a long journey from Canada to west Mexico: The Monarch Butterfly Migration.

This Butterfly is one of the insects with more life in the world, they can live till 9 months, which it’s perfect to achieve their migration and complete their living circle.


Where do Monarch Butterflies go during the winter months?

The Monarch Butterfly migrates for two great reasons:

1) They can’t survive the cold winter in North America, so they make this 2,500kms trip to Mexico.

2) The leaves in the forests of Mexico are good for the caterpillars, they can feed of the Oyamel trees while the adults overwinter.


Where do Monarch Butterflies migrate in Mexico?

An interest point about the Monarch Butterfly Migration is that they always arrives to the same trees year by year which, tills today, is a mystery  because they aren’t the same butterflies  every year.

Normally, this migration starts at October but it may vary for the temperatures in the north, it can be after or before October.  These Butterflies are the only insect who travels to warmer land for the winter and the travel is near of 1,553 miles from USA/Canada to Michoacan. They are the official image of the state of Michoacan in Mexico.

Now in Mexico is an important regulation to conserve the forests were this species overwinter because for many years the Oyamel trees have been chopped down for the wood and construction of roads.

It’s important to educate people about this and for that reason there are many tours to the reserves of this beautiful species to appreciate them and be conscious that all the animals are important for the ecosystem. And a great thing about this tour is that you actually learn about the culture and history of Mexico.


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