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Coral Reef Restoration

A Meaningful approach to modern Sustainable Tourism

Join us helping to heal the Coral Reefs

Today you can be part of the change. Let´s restore the reef!

Would you like to know how to help the second largest coral reef system in the world and push change and strive for a better environment?

Here at Eco Colors, we are proud to announce the launche of a 2-year Project of a Coral Reef restoration in partnership with Etereo Auberge and Oceanus A.C.

underwater view of a coralThe initiative aims to benefit the Mesoamerican Coral Reef ecosystem by Increasing the number of living, healthy and diverse coral colonies to recover reef sites and their associated fauna, in parallel, benefits for local communities and show how tourism can contribute to rational use of resources as well as generating a positive impact to the reef in this case.

To achieve this goal Eco Colors will donate 10 usd for every tour we run with Etereo customers. Etereo itself will also contribute to achieve a goal of 10,000 new colonies of coral planted in a period of two years.


Adopt Coral Colonies and help us continue to restore the reef.underwater view of a coral

The approximate cost of the entire process to plant a coral colony is approximately $20 USD and today our goal and challenge is to plant 10,000 colonies

By contributing to this innovative project you receive a certificate that guarantees the planting of a new coral colony at one of the program sites. You will continually receive news, photos of the project and its progress

We invite all of our customers and visitors and anyone interested in contributing to help us plant more coral colonies, to donate to Oceanus A. C. directly just click in this link


We appreciate your support of our mision to not only create susteinable travel experiences, but a better world.


You can join to this campaign clicking on the following image!


a close up of a sign

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