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10 reasons to visit Cancun with kids

Cancun is not only spring break and party all year long like some people may think. We have many attractions and gorgeous natural places perfect for your family vacations, a lovely weather, perfect beaches and warm friendly people that will be happy to help you any time!

Here are 10 reasons to visit Cancun with kids:
1. Fabulous wildlife encounters

If you and the kids love animals, you will love CancĂșn. One of the best things to do here all year long is to swim with marine turtles in their natural environment. You can do this in the beautiful Akumal Bay, just 1 hour 20 minutes from Cancun. Another more intense option is swimming with whale sharks (and sometimes mantas and dolphins) during summer months (May to September) near the costs of Cancun and Contoy Island. Or you can just go with the traditional snorkeling in the reefs finding many fish and other exotic marine life.

2. Fantastic beaches

With white sand and turquoise water, we have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Some of them like in Delfines beach (Mirador) are wide, with shade and rest rooms and even some big waves to play in, so keep an eye on the kids. If you have smaller children however, others like “Las Perlas” or the beach in front of the “Presidente Intercontinental Hotel” are perfect for them, with shallow waters and no waves.

3. Perfect weather

Either winter or summer, that makes no big difference here; you will be able to go around in shorts everywhere with your kids almost every month of the year. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beach and outdoor activities any day.

4. Unique cenotes

A cenote is a natural pit or sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. These are perfect for kids because they can swim without currents or waves putting them in danger and even snorkel to see some of the fish that live there. Make sure to take your cameras because you can have some pretty amazing shots in there with good light.

5. Amazing archaeological sites with plenty of history

Almost sure you have heard of Chichen Itza (One of the New 7 Wonders of the World), Tulum (with a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea), Coba (You can actually climb the main pyramid) and many others archaeological sites around the zone. These are perfect to take the kids because they can see the amazing pyramids and learn about our culture in a more interactive way. Some of them are near Typical Mayan Communities that are also worth to visit while you are there.

6. Famous Eco parks

We have several fun and interesting eco parks in the area: Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Xplor, Rio Secreto, Tres Rios, Boca del Puma, Selvatica, Crococun Zoo, Wet n Wild or Aktun Chen are some of the most important and complete ones. In some of them you can find wildlife and culture, others are more adventurous with zip lines and snorkeling, but we are sure you will have a blast with your kids there, no matter what age they are.

7. Mexican food

We are lucky to have such a wide gastronomy with many ingredients that you can only find here. From tacos and guacamole to the tasty hot chocolate, your kids will have plenty of options to choose from. And don’t you worry because there will be enough for parents too. We are specialists in making spicy “salsas” (sauces) made of different types of chilli peppers that you can add to almost every dish. Take the chance to try not only the fancy restaurants in the hotels and hotel zone but some street food downtown, or even ask locals what are some of their favorite places.

8. Hotels for all budgets and preferences

In CancĂșn we are focused on customer service so whatever is your choice for accommodation you will feel pampered and relaxed all day. You can choose from Boutique hotels, Pet Friendly (if you are travelling with pets) or more accessible hostels downtown. Some big and fancy hotels have special kids club or waterparks with staff focusing only on taking care of the young ones. Some others have babysitting service and outdoor activities or just great pools for kids. The whole family will have everything they need!

9. Super friendly and warm people

This is one of our more distinguished features and you will see it the moment you get to Mexico, and specially Cancun. Besides being warm and friendly by nature, since we are a tourism oriented destination you can realize that everyone will be there to help you in any way they can. So don’t hesitate to ask for directions or help with translating something because most of us will gladly do it.

10. Safe and accessible transportation

When travelling with kids it is very important to take in consideration the long distances, safety and comfort. Well in case you have not been to Cancun before, all the Hotel Zone is connected with hundreds of buses and taxis that can take you anywhere you want, even downtown. You will never have to walk more than 1 km to find a bus of cab to take you to the next stop. The prices are very accessible, the bus in the Hotel Zone charges around $10,5 pesos (1 USD) per ride, no matter the distance.

The taxis work a little bit different and price depends on distance, but compared to other countries and cities the prices are quite low. The other option is to take an ADO bus if you want to go visit Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen or Valladolid (longer distances). The bus station is in the heart of Cancun (Pino St, between Tulum and Uxmal Ave.) and has 4 different bus lines departing almost every 30 minutes to the top destinations. All buses have A/C, comfortable seats and some even toilets.

Synthia Meier

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