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World Environment Day… Back to basics!

Thinking about the world environment day, I just love to share my thoughts with you…

It is well known that the planet earth is going through many changes, excess population on earth, pollution and abuse that man has over nature.

I am one of those sensitive people who can feel the change in the sunlight with each season and a person who enjoy the smell of the earth, rain, salty sea, May flowers and everything that reminds me for a moment to my childhood. I grew up near the sea and almost every weekend my parents took us to the beach and there was nothing I enjoyed more than the sun on my cheeks during the sunset, that feeling still make me close my eyes and feel the sun on my face, perceiving those pink and gold warm sunsets at the sea.

Nowadays you can not tell exactly when a season changes and reaches the other, for example the long winter this year that followed until May, which is one of the most wonderful months just because of that warmth feeling and that moment when you can actually enjoy the aroma that still carry the sweet spring and looks forward to the arrival of summer and that fresh fruity scent and during this year, there was a cold ambience that remains till now.

Finally, after all this talk, where I’m going is that the weather is not the same as 10 years ago, this change affects all living beings on the planet, the winters are longer and cold, summers are whimsical and very hot, spring hardly distinguishes between winter and summer and I really do not know what to expect from the weather in each season.

We are fighting against fires because there is not enough rain water, against storms and earthquakes that destroy everything around them and people still continue constructing buildings and cutting trees and buying cars and consuming things we do not need and commodities that at the end of day makes us useless.

I think we should go back to basics, walking as much as we can instead of using the car, get to work by bicycle, be more romantic and release the stress of the day illuminating that awesome time with some candles while we eat, take out the guitar from that place where you forgot it and play some music under the stars, enjoy the fresh wind and leave aside the mobile phone, better talk with your loved ones and show you care about them.

Teach children how fun it was to play with kids from your block, teach them how to play with the imagination and enjoy amazing adventures in the garden.

Learn to let go of the commodities that at the end of the day just take you away from who you really are, live free, live as one with nature, let the stars amaze you and enjoy the greatness of the universe…

Let’s go back to basics…

Yours in adventure,

Brenda Dugay.

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