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Quintana Roo

Cultural Places in Quintana Roo

Are you in the mood for a trip down south to the Yucatán Peninsula? If you are, why not try out Quintana Roo, a small state on the peninsula’s easternmost tip? The state is easily accessible from Yucatán, Campeche, Belize, and Guatemala. While there, you can spare some time to visit the newest wonder of the world, the Chichén-Itzá, or the Mayan archeological ruins at San Gervasio. The state borders the Gulf of Mexico on the East and to the north is the Caribbean Sea. You will definitely love spending your downtime on the long, fine beaches on the Caribbean coastline. If you are into diving and/or snorkeling, you will love Chankanaab Lagoon and Isla Mujeres, both of which are driving distances from Tulum. You can also visit the Quintana Roo is also home to seven theaters and cultural centers,…