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Eco travel: how to go green in 10 steps

Eco travel: It includes all the variants of ecotourism and green travel. It can deal with responsible travel, sustainable tourism, ethical tourism or culturally aware travel. It is recreational travel to natural areas in a way that supports the environment. Anyone who prefers to travel the greenway is an eco-traveler.
, Eco travel: how to go green in 10 steps


  1. Do your research before you go

Reading about attractions online is really important to be sure the activities you want to do are sustainable. For example, in Mexico, there are lots of tours with animals and some of them don’t respect their ecosystem and disturb their way of life. So, look for activities that have certifications and awards, so that you can do responsible activities. Reading travel blogs and TripAdvisor can be helpful too.


2. Consider your transportation

Of course, it is better to travel by bus, train or boat than flying because planes is the less “green” transportation. But sometimes, you don’t really have the choice. But now, most airlines carry details on how you can buy a carbon offset for your trip. Generally, the money used to fund projects that help reduce emissions and develop low carbon sustainability. Once you are within the destination, consider cycling, trains and public transportation options before car rental.



3. Book into an eco-resort

These places are often signed up to various country or international schemes aimed at reducing the environmental impact of their operations and concerned with being a sustainable business. Learn about what they are doing online before you book


4. Book with a responsible travel agent

Try booking through a well-regarded company who organize responsible travels and ethical global trips.




5. Look around the house before you go

Believe it or not, TV’s, toasters and microwaves can use energy even in off mode. Unplugging appliances before a holiday is good for the environment, and good for your bills.


6. Heed the eco-advice of the hotel

Where you are given the opportunity to reuse towels, sleep on the same sheets, open the windows for fresh air rather than using the air-conditioning, etc, then consider doing so. And turn the lights off whenever you’re not in the room.


7. Opt for solar power chargers

This is suitable for a range of items including cell phones, music and video widgets, battery chargers, etc. There are solar cell packs available for laying across backpacks, so that you soak up the sun as you’re walking all day. Moreover, they work when the electricity doesn’t, making them ideal for electricity-poor visits.

, Eco travel: how to go green in 10 steps



8. Look for organic food and locally produced food

It can be really beneficial for tourists to support the local organic industry, especially in countries where this is a fledging industry.


9. Limit your garbage and don’t unload into nature (BYOB)

Don’t even be tempted to unload gum wrappers and empty sunscreen on the beach. Instead, bring a garbage bag along. It’ll leave the sand nice and clean for the next visitors, and save the risk of these things getting washed into the water and harming wildlife.

You can also bring your own bottle (BYOB). Plastic bottles are always a major pollution problem in tourist areas, especially tropical ones. A lot of destinations that have unsafe drinking water aren’t known for having reliable recycling, either. You can do your part by buying a big bottle of drinking water and refilling a smaller bottle to carry around. If you consider that point, the impact and the costs will be less.



10. Support the locals

Look for local crafts, art and artisanal products rather than buying mass-produced tourist gimmicks. You can also eat in local restaurant, discovering culinary specialties and give a big boost to local people.


11. Find a green guide

If you want to experience travel that includes educational and awe-inspiring elements, find a guide who is keen on eco-travel too and will be able to help you tread lightly as you discover amazing place in the world.

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