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Here is why bird watching is so cool!

One of the most common misconceptions that come to our mind when I hear about a bird watcher is a grandpa with a nerdy hat, big glasses walking around with a binocular and enjoying birds in the neighborhood park. Well, I hate to break it to you – but that’s not true at all.

There are so many birders around the world who are just waiting for their vacation so they can go to the other side of the world just for that. And it is that easy. All you need to become a birder is a binocular and desire of course. Most of the birders just started in their backyard, then move to the park nearby, later they went for a hike, followed by a birding trip to another city, even a country.

So why people go birding? Is it really that cool? YES, IT IS! Here are some reasons why you should give birding a try:

Bird watching is entertaining!

Once you get started you are just not able to stop. There are more than 10 000 bird species and you just want to see more and more. You begin to see how they interact, what they do and how different are all of them.

Bird watching is relaxing!

Yes, it is! There is no stress in bird watching, all you have to do is be outside, watch and listen to the birds and somehow you feel complete.

Bird watching is for everyone!

There are no excuses – it is suitable for everyone! Gender and age don’t matter – everyone is welcomed.

Bird watching helps to connect with nature!

Bird watching is something that you always do outside. You feel the wind, you hear the bird songs, you experience the nature – something we forget to do in our everyday lives.

Bird watching is good for self-confidence!

Yes, it is and it’s proven. Many people claim that after started being birders they became more confident, but why? Every time they went bird watching they “caught the moment” and accomplish something, which is more than enough to boost your confidence at least a bit.

Bird watching is sociable!

There are so many birders out there – you just have to find them!

Is bird watching really that cool? Well, you never know before try, right?

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