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Mako Shark Diving Tour

Quick Details

Shared Tour Ages 15+

Discover the Ocean’s Fastest Shark

Experience an encounter with the fastest shark in the ocean: the MAKO SHARK! The encounter with the Mako can differ from 15 minutes to even three hours.

The size of the Mako can vary from 150 lbs (six feet) to the largest one we have seen so far: 800 lbs! (12 feet). The cage we use for diving with the mako shark is constructed of aluminum pipe and solid bar stock.

It floats on the surface or submerged three to four feet underwater, depending on sea condition. We take two to three guests at a time, switching every 30 minutes.

Enter the cage via a trap door on the top of the cage which is fed air via hoses connected to the tanks aboard the boat. The cage has full 360, 24” open viewing area at shoulder height for easy viewing. These open areas can be closed off with Lexan windows for our beginner divers.

*Four-person minimum to book. Women who are pregnant may not participate.